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Tibetan Turquoise Beeswax Braided Bracelet (6 styles)

Tibetan Turquoise Beeswax Braided Bracelet (6 styles)

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We're rounding up quirky jewellery from around the globe that has a unique charm, and bringing it to you in the hope that you'll get to see what they look like and know their stories!

Turquoise Symbol:
when worn on the body, indicates success in business and good luck.
also means youthfulness and vigour, is also a good choice as a token of love.
has always been regarded as a symbol of good luck and happiness, and it is the best gift for parents and friends in normal times.

The Tibetans are a nomadic people who attach great importance to art and culture, and are good at transforming animals, plants and ideal auspicious objects in their lives into patterns on their jewellery.
Jewellery with Tibetan characteristics is usually handmade with natural gemstones, animal bones, Tibetan silver, turquoise, beeswax and agate, and engraved with scriptures and illustrations for blessings.


Type: Bracelet

Bracelet length: 16-19 cm

Accessories material: Natural Stone, Copper Beads, Alloy

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Tibetan Turquoise Beeswax Braided Bracelet (6 styles)