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Wolf Soul Necklace -- (luminous)

Wolf Soul Necklace -- (luminous)

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Since ancient times, Wolf has been revered and worshipped by human beings as a totem image. It represents the exuberant vitality, unrestrained wildness, free nature and the fighting character to conquer the world.

  • GLOW IN THE DARK --- These luminous necklaces can absorb sunlight, lights, flashlights, cell phone light, and after 5 minutes of illuminating the necklace, the necklace will glow in the dark or at night.

  • Wolf Necklace---Tribal ethnic wolf necklace glows in the dark. Domineering and full of charm, after absorbing sunlight or light sources, it glows in the dark or at night.

  • Perfect Gift---Very cool  wolf head pendant necklace in green and blue light. Halloween, cosplay, animal themed parties, Christmas and other festivals are perfect for wearing these luminous necklaces to add glamour.

"Save A Wolf" Necklace

This natural wolf necklace is a powerful charm against negative energies. Featuring wolf's head totem, it promotes protection against negativity and a strong connection with your instincts.Protect your energy from negativity, physic threats, and malicious intentions! This “Save a wolf” Necklace is the perfect charm to do that.

Since wolves were removed from the Endangered Species Act last year, Gray Wolves of the Northern Rockies have been under assault.

Hunters in Idaho can legally shoot and trap as many wolves as they like year-round. In Montana, individual hunters can kill up to 20 wolves a year each. In Wyoming, there is no hunting limit across much of the state. Even the wolves of Yellowstone National Park are being hunted when they leave the park’s boundaries.

If this continues, we risk losing 90% of the Gray Wolves of the Northern Rockies in Idaho alone.


  • Shape\pattern: Animal
  • Material: Alloy
  • Gender: Men/Women
  • Style: vintage, hip-hop
  • Luminous color: blue, green,light blue,orange
  • Weight: 21g
  • Size: 5.6cm*2.6cm

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Wolf Soul Necklace -- (luminous)