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Turquoise Luminous Bracelet -- (Starlight in the palm of one's hand)

Turquoise Luminous Bracelet -- (Starlight in the palm of one's hand)

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Starlight in the palm of one's hand!

Fluorescent stone with turquoise, turquoise guards you during the day, and at night, the fluorescent stone that absorbs sunlight during the day provides you with a little bit of light with the warmth of the sun, just like the stars in the night sky falling into your palm.

Turquoise Symbol:
when worn on the body, indicates success in business and good luck.
also means youthfulness and vigour, is also a good choice as a token of love.
has always been regarded as a symbol of good luck and happiness, and it is the best gift for parents and friends in normal times.

High quality, simple design, exquisite and elegant

Product information:

  • Bead size: 8mm inner diameter about 55mm
  • Material: Alloy, turquoise, fluorescent stone, elastic rope
  • Weight: 18g
  • Perimeter: 19.5cm(7.67in)


  • Absorb light during the day and glow in the dark, the intensity of light and the length of time will lead to different luminous brightness, about 30 minutes after irradiation can be issued hours of residual light.
    No need to deliberately sunbathe, as long as the contact to the light source, to the dark place will begin to glow, no ultraviolet sunlight at night, can be put under the light irradiation absorb light!
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Turquoise Luminous Bracelet -- (Starlight in the palm of one's hand)