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Good Luck Chakra Taotie Bracelet (2 Styles)

Good Luck Chakra Taotie Bracelet (2 Styles)

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Taotie is a sacred beast in ancient Chinese mythology, the fifth son of the dragon, with the ability to devour heaven and earth, it will increase wealth and eliminate disasters for its owner as well as his family.

Taotie was often carved on bronzes by craftsmen in ancient China, and the taotie motifs usually appeared in the form of animal faces, with the characteristics of insects, fish, birds, beasts and other animals.

The taotie pattern is fierce and solemn, with strict structure, exquisite production and mysterious realm, which is one of the best works in the bronze decorative patterns and represents the highest level of the bronze decorative patterns.

We have designed this bracelet with reference to ancient bronzes and ancient documents, which come from ancient China, from a long history of.


Type: Bracelet

Bracelet length: 18 cm, 20 cm, 22 cm

Color Classification: Silver

Accessories material: Copper

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Good Luck Chakra Taotie Bracelet (2 Styles)